What value can an investor add to your business?

Your business is your legacy.
Our business is supporting its evolution.

Our approach changes based on a company’s needs, but our principles remain the same.

We Celebrate Entrepreneurs

Business leaders take on considerable risk to construct a strategic vision. We admire their conviction and leadership. We are proud to learn from these individuals and establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

We Invest in Culture

Employees are a company's competitive advantage. Retaining employees and protecting their culture is fundamental to business longevity.

We Live our Values

Integrity, Respect, Honesty, Patience: these values help create open and honest dialogue, foster spirited debate and innovative ideas, and drive individuals towards zealously executing a strategy as a team.

We Focus on Value Creation

We are more than a source of capital. As a partner, we are accountable for both setting the strategy and supporting strategic execution.

See how Skylark can help preserve and build upon your legacy